ESTAT-Garments Protective clothing for use in the manufacturing of electrostatic sensitive devices
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The project kick-off meeting was organised at Tampere 15-16 April 2002.

Participants of the kick-off meeting.
Front from left to right: Christian Vogel (STFI), Arne Börjesson (agb-konsult), Terttu Peltoniemi (Nokia), Tuija Luoma (VTT), Salme Nurmi (VTT), Jaakko Paasi (VTT)
Back from left to right: Tapio Kalliohaka (VTT), Inga Mattila (VTT), Lars Fast (SP), Anders Nilsson (SP), Philippe Lemaire (Centexbel), Jürgen Haase (STFI), Francesco Guastavino (University of Genova), Gianfranco Coletti (University of Genova).